The Voice Of The Times


Every move of God, and generation that arises, has a sound and a voice. The Voice of God can be heard through the signs He sends, the Spirit of the times, through the sound of the times. And at other times, the voice of God will be heard through chosen messengers, that He alone called for that specific task and generation. The messenger will be The Voice of the times that announces God’s message, as and when He wills it. The Spirit of God speaks through those messengers, and will release the Spirit of the times so that the people may be in tune with and synchronize with Heaven, to God’s move, message, direction, or moves He makes.

Whenever there are season or generation changes, or when He is about to move to a new thing, He will send Forerunners who run ahead of the move, announcing what is to come, and they are preparing the way so that the people will get ready. Just like God sent His forerunner John the Baptist to do a new thing, and also announce the new thing that would soon take place. He was the Voice of the times; and he was preparing the hearts of the people for the revealing of the Christ, and at the same time doing the new thing God had for his generation and season in history, the baptism with water.

We are about to enter a new season and generation; and God is doing a new thing now. He is already sending out His messengers announcing it; and the world will soon see the Forerunners of our generation come out public. These messengers are sent by God; and they are the messengers with the voice of the times; they are signs that point the way; and or are the Forerunners showing the people what is to come and how it will look like.

Get in tune with God’s times, by getting in the Presence of the Holy Spirit; and by paying attention to what the Spirit is saying through the Voice of the times that is being announced as the Spirit of the times moves through them, from Heaven to Earth!

I am a messenger sent by God to announce the good news of great joy, that we are about to receive the Glorious Outpouring that will change the course of history, both in the Church, and in the world; and He is saying, prepare your heart, hear what the Spirit is saying, and do what needs to be done as the Spirit leads, so that you may position your life for the new move of God that will take place in this living generation. We are the chosen generation. Arise and begin to seek the Lord in this glorious hour; the most amazing hour in history before the return of Jesus Christ.


Messenger & Forerunner: PL-Faith

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Author: Lupe Salcido-Vizcarra