The Sound Of The Times

The Sound of the Times…

Whenever the LORD our God is saying something that He wants us to hear, He will release a sound from Heaven, it is the sound of the times.

We hear the sound in various ways. through the language that is being spoken by those who are in the Spirit and who have the Spirit of the times; we hear it in the songs that are coming out which have the sound of the Times; we hear it in the preachings and teachings; and also through the signs that God sends to us, so that we may hear the sound from Heaven.

We can hear and discern the Spirit of the times, when our hearts are hungry to hear from God and when we are in communion with God’s Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit of God that is released in and through the sound from Heaven to earth.

Each generation, each move of God, each message that He is giving will carry its own sound; and we must be in tune with Him by His Spirit, in order to hear and understand what the Spirit is saying through the sound of the times. God is always moving, and we must hear the sound from Heaven, His Voice speaking to us, each and every time He is speaking and or moving.

Our spiritual ears must be open at all times and this is only done by His Spirit as we are in Him and He is in us. He will enable us to hear the sound of the times, the voice from Heaven, and what the message is. We then must take the proper action that accompanies the message that is being heard through the sound of the times.

Times, seasons, generations, eras, moves of God, change; and all throughout history we see it. And whenever He this is happening or about to happen, God will send a sound from Heaven to earth, He will speak to us, His voice will be heard announcing it. We are to take heed, and attend to what He is saying, so that we stay in Him and don’t miss out on what He is saying and or doing.

There is a different sound for each new move, generation and era; and we are about to enter a new era in history; and God is sending the sound from Heaven to earth. When the disciples received the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2), they heard a sound from Heaven; and those who came to find out what it was, were asking, “what does this mean?” 

We are now hearing a sound from Heaven, and if you do not know what it means, go to the messengers who are being sent ahead of the next glorious move that God is about to do and that He is announcing. Go to those who have discerned what the Spirit is saying through the sound of the times. 

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