Visions & Dreams

As the Glory of God gets closer and closer, and as we are able to enter the Cloud of Glory that is in the atmosphere, we are able to have dreams and visions that are given to us by the Spirit of God. The Dreams and Visions that come from God will have a purpose; and we discover it in His Presence.

Some point to something; others reveal things to come. Some serve as warning; others are help us move with a blessed assurance in those things for which they are shown.

Scripture has so many examples of how God speaks to us through Visions and Dreams that are God-given. The Holy Spirit will help us understand these with the mind of Christ and with God’s heart and thoughts. God is about to restore much of this in our times and generation; and He is about to give another level of glory that will cause the young and the old, men and women, children and youth, to DREAM DREAMS & SEE VISIONS….Inspired by the Spirit of God; given by God. Some will be prophetic and will point to what God is leading us to.

There is a glorious move of God that is about to take place, and the movement that arises when God makes His move, will cause many to speak, act, do, by Divine inspiration…and much will be through Dreams and Visions, by the Spirit and in the Spirit of Christ.

Get ready for the revelation…Much of this will be revealed in PL’s next Book: GLORIOUS OUTPOURING

You can start getting ready now by being in the Presence of the Holy Spirit; and by reading PL’s 1st Book now…KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, A MOVEMENT IN ITSELF

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Stay connected…more…Dreams & Visions…coming soon!